Stone By Design LLC


At Stone By Design LLC our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of natural stone products including unique colors, textures and all sizes and shapes. All stone is indigenous to the Mesabi Iron Range in Northeastern Minnesota and is environmentally friendly because it is 100% green recycled stone. Our products include Jasper, Taconite, Animikian, Rose, Virginia Slate, Minnesota Green (greenolite). Because of our wide application of stone for both indoor and outdoor uses, we are able to provide products properly sized, and specked for architects, building contractors, masonry contractors, and the landscape industry.
In addition, Stone By Design LLC has access to some of the l
argest known deposits of fossilized algae stromatolites in three unique colors red, black and green. Septarian found in a fossilized Animikian seabed has distinct black coloring with web like white quartz. Geodes are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our most artistic and beautiful stone is the rare golden yellow Mary Ellen Jasper. All of the above fossils are available as sculptures, wall art, bookends, coffee and end tables, lamps, unique jewelry and healing stones. Our stone may be purchased by the pound in random sizes and shapes for lapidary purposes.

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